Live Virtual Cloud Classroom Training

The optimal solution for digital training for the Unreal Engine

You would like to get sustainable skills in using the Unreal Engine to reach your goals faster? Then we have the solution for you. You will learn here in live practical training sessions conducted by one or more Unreal Engine authorized trainers. In enclosed learning groups, we use powerful training workstations to teach you how to use Unreal Engine and what the most efficient production pipelines are. And all this online!

In our experience, it is important for a positive learning experience to work in a group, also through exchange, discussion and interaction. Learning works most efficiently in a familiar and positive environment with social interaction. That's why it is so important in the trainings that all participants can talk and see each other. The use of a headset and a good webcam are essential to create this familiar environment. Besides, it improves the quality of communication, because not only speech but also gestures and facial expressions are transmitted and the trainers understand you better.

Your learning environment

All you need for your successful participation in the virtual Unreal Engine courses is a high-performance internet connection (at least 10 Mbit for yourself), an office computer or notebook with two displays, a webcam and an audio headset. It is important that you are allowed to install software on your computer. Two programs are required: For the video and audio connection with your trainer and your class you will install a web conferencing solution. To stream your personal training workstation, you will need to install a remote desktop streaming program. With our remote desktop streaming solution, you'll have responsive, low-latency 60 FPS HD remote desktop access and work on your remote training computer as if it were at your location. So you don't need to worry about having your own up-to-date Unreal Engine installation with all the necessary additional software or expensive graphics hardware. We simply stream this to you! Please find a quiet and undisturbed workplace to attend the courses.

You will receive all links and installation instructions in a short manual. If you have any questions, our support team is always available at It is important to test everything once before the start of the training out of consideration for the other course participants! Unfortunately, on the first day of training itself, there is often not enough time to do this. Please also read the FAQs.

The teaching

After a round of introductory sessions, the lessons are led by one or more Unreal Engine authorized trainers in a friendly and humorous manner. The training contents are discussed in a structured manner and deepened in practical exercises on the remote training workstations. Working directly with the Unreal Engine as a practical lesson is predominant, where you actively work on your projects in the Unreal Engine. Productive discussions and communication between the participants are welcome. Should understanding difficulties arise, these are ideally resolved immediately in a discussion. The trainer is also present in the exercises in the virtual classroom and has an overview of all the participants' training workstations on his administrative view in order to be able to provide assistance via desktop sharing if necessary.

We want you to feel comfortable in your virtual classroom right from the start. Only relaxed, in a good mood, with a lot of practice and social learning in the group will the contents of the training be sustainable. Smooth video and audio communication as well as perfectly prepared and latency-free streamed Unreal Engine training workstations contribute to this. And of course your competent and good-humored trainers.