Architecture Industry

Unreal Engine Trainings for the AEC industry

For a perfect introduction to the possibilities of high-quality real-time visualization for the architectural industry, we recommend the following course schedule:

The basic introduction is always the one-day course "Introduction to the Unreal Engine". Afterwards we recommend that you spend the following two days working intensively with Blueprint. This lays the foundation for interactive simulations. In the two-day course "Unreal Engine: Workflows of Architectural Visualization", we take you on a BIM journey. Afterwards, we recommend that you attend the course "Unreal Engine: Sequencer Basics", where you learn the basics of the animation and rendering tools of the Unreal Engine.

Participant's comments

I have rarely been so motivated to sit down at my PC and put my new knowledge into practice as after this workshop.

Goetz O., Architekturbuero Winkler

Amazing training, which despite the extensive schedule will soon deal with many realistic issues/questions and inspires enthusiasm for the software.

Carmen G., EDEKA Grundstuecksgesellschaft

The training was very extensive, and the topics dealt with were very well covered. Questions and wishes were answered. The support and organization was perfect and super friendly. I felt very comfortable and would be happy to come back if necessary.

Petra F., Montag Architekten

Balanced ratio of theory and practical training, therefore entertaining and entertaining despite high information content.

Uwe S., iproplan Planungsungsgesellschaft

This is my second training session here and I'll be back for sure.

Roman K., Buschner Architekten

Very pleasant training center with excellent equipment and extremely friendly trainers and staff. The course and the INCAS center were so great that we will definitely attend more courses at INCAS!

Beate H., bmh architekten

Use of the Unreal Engine in the architecture, engineering and construction industry

Unreal Engine's realistic, real-time environment allows you to quickly create the best version of your personal vision, detect expensive design mistakes early, and communicate your individual design intent to those involved. From immersive VR and AR experiences to glossy brochures and marketing videos, Unreal Engine is a complete solution for your architectural visualization needs.

The smooth data import and data optimization in Unreal Engine is extremely helpful. The uncomplicated use of data from a variety of DCC, CAD and BIM formats simplifies daily work enormously. Datasmith supports the high-fidelity conversion of entire scenes contained in Unreal Engine, automates optimization processes and leaves you free to experiment to your heart’s desire. The time savings achieved through these workflows are phenomenal.
Whenever quality is critical - from the first pitch to early design reviews, precise lighting studies and sophisticated sales and marketing tools - Unreal Engine delivers pixel-perfect results. With real-time ray tracing and film quality post-processing effects, you can easily achieve the look you want